What you need

To install our watchfaces the only prerequisite is iOS 14 and watchOS 7 installed on your iPhone and Apple Watch (currently beta).
If you don’t want to install beta software on your devices just wait until the public release this fall.

How do I install the watchfaces ?

Install a watchface is easier than unlocking your iPhone!📲
Just pick a watchface you like and tap download from your iPhone. The face will be automatically opened in the Watch app and installed on your Apple Watch.

Can I install watchfaces on Apple Watch Series 3?

Yes! Due to Apple limitations, not all the watchfaces are compatible with Apple Watch series 3 but you can find a huge collection of compatible faces here: https://buddywatch.app/tag/series-3/

Can I install Hermès/Nike watchfaces?

The original branded watchfaces like Nike or Hermes ones are compatible only with Apple Watch Hermès (or Nike) Edition.

How do I submit my watchface ?

Submitting a face you created is a great way to support our community 👍🏼. For instructions on how to do it read our special 🦄 dedicated page.